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Computer networking can be a complex task, that is where we come in. We like to make it as simple as possible for you as a home or business owner to have a high quality network setup in your premises.

We use nothing less than 300Mbps wireless devices and above and always like to ensure that our ethernet connectivity uses a minimum of CAT6 cabling along with Gigabit port connectivity. Thereby ensuring less interference on the cabling and ensuring that nothing is bottle-necking your connection.

Home Network

If you are at home and have your modem router down one end or one side of the house and need network connectivity the other end there are simple solutions available whether this be wireless or wired in.

Home Office

A very common setup for us is a home office whereby you need a proper setup to ensure your business runs efficiently over the internet.

Business Networks

Whether you are a small business looking for a wired or wireless network throughout your office including network storage and/or a server or a medium to large business with multiple floors all requiring individual networks to floor based servers whilst still all storing data/accounts in a central server room. We can build a quote, implement and maintain this for you.