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Data Removal

Using professional software, we can remove your data from the hard drive for you ensuring that it is not recoverable by Joe Bloggs down the road. A certificate is issued upon completion of this service.

With our data removal you will receive a certificate which informs you of the number of passes we have performed, the time it took to wipe the hard drive etc.

We use the British Standard UK 3 Pass system, British HMG IS5 Enhanced.
Enhanced method - the write head passes over each sector three times. The first time with zeros (0x00), second time with 0xFF and the third time with random characters.

There is one final pass to verify random characters by reading.

A copy of the report is kept on our systems and logged whilst a copy is provided to you.

We offer this service as both paid and free but the terms and conditions of each apply.

If you require a higher pass i.e. 6 or more then please let us know. We can perform this but the time for completion will be considerable.