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Virus Removal

Your computer has a virus?....bring it on!
Viruses are a nuisance more than anything, some are more serious but generally the word we would use is a nuisance. Pop-ups here and there, can't access this area, go to a web page and it re-directs to something you didn't want to see. We have a 99% success rate of removing viruses successfully from your computer devices.

Using a combination of software and other various virus removal techniques we can ensure your system is virus free and will even provide suggestions on how to keep yourself safer online afterwards to help prevent it from happening again.

Spyware Removal

Spyware obtains information about a user, their online habits etc and then secretly sends this to the person or people who created it. This then can allow them to send advertising to you thereby getting you to spend money in a roundabout way.

Adware Removal

This, in a way, falls into the spyware category whereby the information collected can be used to then target the adware i.e. pop-ups and banners while online.

Malware Removal

This is a broad title for viruses that are deliberately designed to disrupt or damage a computer system it can also encompass Spyware and Adware if it is also designed to damage/disrupt.

Securing your system

You can secure your system through a number of ways including anti virus software, being careful of links on websites and installing useful add-ons like ad-blockers onto your browser. If you are looking for a free anti virus then we can highly recommend trying out AVG Free however, this only provides basic protection and if you perform a lot of online transactions including online banking then we highly recommend a paid for anti virus which you can get called Bullguard Internet Security, purchase here from the online store.

Being safe online

There are millions of websites online with various links/adverts on, please be careful when clicking on these as you don't really know where they are going to.

Loads of teenagers these days browse the internet for the usual searches, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Porn (we all know its true). You can help secure your system through purchasing Anti Virus software which comes with Parental Control, like Bullguard Internet Security however some kids can find a way around the Parental Controls. The best way is to explain to them the dangers of the internet, the security issues involved and just teaching them how to be safe by using well known websites and avoiding giving out any personal details or at least tell them to limit what is given out.

Always ensure that the computer is cleaned regularly so if you should visit a website that's a bit dodgy then you will remove anything that may have weeded its way into the Temporary Internet Files folder or the Browser Cache. A brilliant free program for this is CCleaner. Put this on the computer/laptop so then after browsing the internet you can give your PC a cleanup to help ensure little to no nasties are left behind. This is not a fool proof way but it certainly helps!

Another free program is Malwarebytes Free AntiMalware which can be found here . You don't need to pay for this software as the free version is great for removing viruses, malware, spyware and adware. Make sure you keep it up to date but please note that it continues to run in the background on the PC and I have known it to clash with some anti virus programs which slows the system down.