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Computer & Laptop Repairs

ABC Service can repair desktop and laptop computers whether this be operating system based or component based. Replacement parts will be sourced at the best available price. We always provide an invoice for parts which acts as part of your warranty.

Used at home and in business, the typical tower or laptop consists of a variety of components. All of which can go wrong due to general wear and tear or even prematurely, such is the nature of components that are made in mass production and although the manufacturers do everything they can to ensure this doesn't happen, we have seen it!.

Most parts can be sourced at reasonable prices but naturally if it is a new build the parts will cost more and sometimes if it is a really old build it is not worth repairing because the components are also expensive.

We can help with computer repairs and upgrades to fix these hardware failures and to ensure the computer is running at a good standard for the demanding programs of today.

You can be assured that we will refuse to perform a repair to systems if they are deemed:

  • Too old (i.e. you could by a complete working unit cheaper than it is to repair it)
  • Parts are no loner available or we are aware of a product re-call