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Environment Agency Approved

ABC Service is Environment Agency Approved as a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment refurbisher/recycling business as well as holding a Waste Carrier License to collect/transport waste from home and business premises.

You can download our certificates from the following links:

So, what does that mean?

This exemption allows us to repair, refurbish or dismantle various types of waste electrical and electronic equipment so that the whole WEEE item or any dismantled parts can be reused for their original purpose or dismantled parts can be recovered.

We can collect electrical waste from householders as well as businesses. This waste equipment is then sorted into those that can be repaired and those that can’t. Once sorted we repair some items and dismantle the rest to be reused as parts.

What do you recycle under the WEEE Certification?

We only recycle laptops and desktops under this license which ties in with our Microsoft Refurbisher scheme allowing us to re-build PC's out of parts and re-sell them as working computers.

We collect ink cartridges, toners and small household batteries completely free of charge. This is then sent away to a recycling factory under the Environment Agency rules and regulations to be properly recycled for parts.

The two companies we deal with are ERP-Batteries and The Recycling Factory (DCI) part of the Jettec range of compatible ink cartridges and toners.

Our recycling process can be downloaded as a visual map by CLICKING HERE